The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts

Cerro de Pasco Resources has a significant resource but would otherwise be required to build its own processing and tailings storage infrastructure, at a far higher cost than the total cost of acquisition.

CDPR is a specialist company with the knowledge, skills and experience to rehabilitate the Cerro de Pasco mine, with due consideration to local stakeholders.

CDPR is acquiring three fully operational and permitted processing plants. The Oxidos plant will still generate modest profits for CDPR, but the real advantage is unlimited upside from the other plants.

CDPR is Acquiring an existing multibillion-dollar resource, and additional resource potential - a unique deal and company maker.

Benefits of the Volcan Cerro Unit Acquisition

  • The Company's recent acquisition of major operating infrastructure, licenses and equipment is transformative and will lead to rapid realization of its existing mineral inventories.
  • Funds raised will go towards integration and enhancement of existing plant and equipment with an estimated replacement value of over $700M.
  • The Acquisition positions the Company to be one of the top 5 holders of Silver in the world.
  • Landpackage for considerable potential for new discoveries to support Mineral Resource growth
  • Following the acquisition CDPR will list on the TSX and Nasdaq
  • Following this acquisition the Company will be a Producing company with 2020 forecasted Revenue of $130mm