Our Business Plan

The plan of Cerro de Pasco Resources is to reprocess tailings and stockpiles at Cerro de Pasco and to use these to revive and modernise all existing installations at the mining complex.

The pit still holds significant reserves and resources. The current political, social and economic climate in Peru creates a positive platform from which the Company can execute its vision for a fully integrated and multi-dimensional economic rehabilitation of all of the current and legacy minerals assets around the city of Cerro de Pasco.  Cerro de Pasco Resources continues to advance a dialogue with leading experts on mineral waste recycling and site remediation with the aim of achieving an ambitious “zero waste” solution and the creation of a Circular Economy for the city of Cerro de Pasco. The Company has received encouraging signals from multiple levels of the Peruvian Ministry of Energy and Mines beckoning an intensive exploration and development phase starting in Q2 2020.

2020 Catalysts

  • Complete adequate financing for the acquistion and development of the Cerro de Pasco mining complex
  • On completion of the transaction with Volcan, continue to operate the mine and processing plants as a going concern at steady state, according to the operating and environmental permits.
  • Execute an agreement with the Ministry of Energy and Mines to expand operations subject to confirmation of mineral resource and completion of studies.
  • Complete environmental impact assessment study.
  • Conduct metallurgical testing and bulk-sampling.
  • Complete internal engineering studies for the comprehensive surface rehabilitation and development of remaining in site resource