The future of Cerro de Pasco will depend on the application of the latest science in geo-resource and industrial development.  The town’s history has, until now depended entirely on conventional “dirty” mining of commodity metals. However, new science can secure long-term economic sustainability in harmony with a healthy and prosperous local population.  The initial objective of this project will be to drive the productive utilization of all material resources available at Cerro de Pasco and new industrial activities that will further perpetuate prosperity into the future.  To achieve a series of objectives, Cerro De Pasco will need to start by integrating all its resources and introducing techniques to reprocess all tailings and stockpiles contained within the entire complex.

The Concept starts with a complete exploration of the potential of the resources present at Cerro de Pasco and their current impact on the environment (to include a Baseline study of the entire Cerro de Pasco Watershed). It also includes the development of a sustainable inline extraction process towards the elimination of all waste. This implies a search for and separation of critical elements like Rare Earth Elements (REE), Platinium Group Elements (PGE) and other strategic elements (Ge, In, Ga) as well research and innovation to use of the main volume of the known waste material (pyrite, carbonates, and silicates). An example is the innovative exploitation of the heat capacity of pyrite for home heating systems for the population of Cerro de Pasco. Additionally, a new concept for the sustainable urban development of Cerro de Pasco will be created to strengthen the social impact by providing better living conditions for the whole population of Cerro de Pasco. This implies the attraction of secondary industries drawing benefit from the entire range of geo-resources present at Cerro de Pasco (including classical commodities (Pb, Zn, Ag, Bi, Cu, Au) as well as innovative commodities (including pyrite, carbonate, silicates).

The positive impacts will be immense in terms of job creation, poverty reduction and quality of life at Cerro de Pasco, a city with over 50,000 inhabitants and a unique history in, and loyalty to mining.  CPR will promote a broad spectrum of initiatives including urban re-planning, health and welfare in collaboration with the local and national authorities.  Under the initial plan, households will be relocated from the most heavily contaminated areas.  Cerro De Pasco Resources can therefore become the nucleus for sustainable growth, renewing the site’s ageing infrastructure and plant and employing the latest technologies to create an emblematic project.